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Employer Responsibilities

Department’s obligation to pay the H-1B worker ends at the conclusion of the H-1B status or earlier if there has been a “bona fide” termination.

This occurs when the scholar is -

  • Formally Terminated, and,
  • ISC notifies USCIS of the termination, and,
  • Department fulfills its obligation for return transportation.

Formal Termination

Academic Personnel Office (APO) and Labor Relations Office can provides assistance and advice to UCR managers and supervisors disciplinary actions, dismissals, release during probation, layoffs, and separation of employees for medical reasons.  Please consult with APO and Labor Relations to ensure proper steps are followed according to UCR policy and procedures.

Cancellation of the Visa

Once the scholar is properly terminated, the ISC will notify USCIS that the scholar’s employment has ended, which effectively terminates the visa. 

The Return Transportation Requirement

If the scholar appointment ends or is terminated early (prior to the expiration of the H-1B status), the department is responsible for the reasonable cost of return transportation to the scholar’s last country of residence outside the U.S.  This is true even if the scholar was already residing in the U.S. when hired at UCR.

This requirement is fulfilled when the department makes the reasonable cost of transportation available to the scholar or actually provides the means for travel (e.g. airline ticket).

Voluntary Resignation

If the scholar voluntarily terminates employment with UCR, the department should request that the scholar provide the resignation in writing, a copy of which should be sent to ISC to Kimberly Gentile’s attention.  The department should also inform the individual that ISC will notify the USCIS of the resignation, thereby canceling the visa.

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