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The E-3 is a visa for Australian nationals who wish to work in specialty occupations in the U.S. It has many advantages over the other types of working visas, including the ability for spouses of E-3 recipients to apply for work authorization.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To qualify for an E-3 visa you must demonstrate that you
  • Are a national of Australia
  • Have a legitimate offer of employment in the U. S.
  • Possess the necessary academic or other qualifying credentials
  • Will fill a position that qualifies as a specialty occupation


  • E-3 visas are initially granted for two years and may be extended indefinitely.

Documents Required

  • Job offer from UCR
  • Labor Condition Application (LCA), completed by UCR
  • Evidence of US Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent

Application Process

Although most visa application petitions have to be filed through a USCIS service center, an E-3 visa application can be made at a consulate.  UCR must request a Labor Condition Application (LCA) from the Department of Labor.  The scholar may then apply at the consulate using the LCA and other supporting documentation (support letter, resume and degrees).

Outside the United States the Australian scholar must present the following to the U.S. consular officer at the time of the visa application:

  • A copy of the certified LCA (provided by UCR)
  • Job offer letter from UCR
  • Complete job descriptions of appointment.
  • Proof of Australian citizenship
  • Proof of academic credentials and any required licensure
  • Proof of payment of the Machine Readable Visa fee

Change of Status to E-3 within the U.S.

If scholar is present in the U.S. in another nonimmigrant status, ISC may apply to the USCIS California Service Center for a change of status to E-3.  Contact the International Scholar Center at  more information

Family of E-3 Visa Holders

Dependents of E-3s do not need to be citizens of Australia and will obtain E-D for dependent status.  They are eligible to apply to USCIS for employment authorization after admission to the U.S. in E-D dependent status on form I-765.  Before they can work, they must make an application to USCIS and be approved for permission to work.


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