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Fall 2020 Update – sent to continuing international students from ISS, August 2, 2020

Dear continuing international students,


Thank you for your patience as the University works through the guidance for international students for the fall quarter. It has been stressful and difficult for all of us to wait for specific instructions. We want to do as much as we can on the front end to try to make the process easier for you in the long run. 
Here is what we know right now: 

  1. UCR is officially offering a hybrid option for the fall.  Please note: If the health and safety conditions change, UCR may be required to switch to a fully online format if the county and state health officials deem it necessary. 
  2. Individual departments, programs, and the colleges/schools are working to identify in-person options for students who are required to enroll in such courses. More detailed information will be shared in the days and weeks ahead as academic departments and faculty members confirm their availability.  

For continuing students that have had an active continued attendance I-20’s since March 9, 2020:


  • You may continue your studies at UCR fully online, from wherever you are.

For new students currently in the United States who have a transfer pending or change of level I-20 form and had an active continued attendance I-20 as of March, 9, 2020.

  • You may continue your studies in the United States fully online and keep your F-1 status active once you report to UCR.   

    For new or initial students (meaning, you are outside of the U.S. now and need or have an initial I-20 to enter the U.S.):

  • Decide if you want to enter the U.S. for fall coursework.
  • If you decide to enter the U.S. for fall coursework, you will need to register for a hybrid course (a course that has an in-person component). More details coming soon about that. 
  • If you decide to stay outside of the U.S., you can elect take courses remotely from abroad for the fall. However, your I-20 record will not be made active for the fall quarter.   
  • Pay attention to your email. Important information will be coming from your academic department or the undergraduate admissions office. They will ask you to confirm your plans for fall. 

 Again, thank you for your patience. We will continue to share more information with you as details are confirmed. Important information will also be emailed to you from your academic departments.
If you have questions, you can email internationalstudents@ucr.edu.

Student Scenario Is it OK to take 100 % online courses in Fall 2020?
In the U.S. Continuing UCR student with active continued attendance I-20 as of March 9, 2020 Yes
In the U.S. New Fall 2020 student with a transfer pending or change of level I-20 who remained in the United States and had an active SEVIS I-20 as of March 9, 2020 Yes
Outside of the U.S. Continuing UCR student with active continued attendance I-20 as of March 9, 2020 Yes
Outside of the U.S. Current or New Student with new or initial I- 20 seeking entry into the United States for the Fall quarter (transfer student, terminated student seeking re-entry) No (students need to enroll in at least one course that has an in-person component)


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