The International Students and Scholars office and Education Abroad office are in their new location in the Student Services Building, 2nd Floor.

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Global Scholars Living-Learning Community

Global Scholars Living Learning Community

In partnership with UCR Housing and Residential Life, a Living-Learning Community (LLC) offers a unique opportunity for students with common interests and/or identities to live together — connections that help guide students through their academic and social transitions. Some communities are connected specifically to colleges and/or majors; others are designed for students with a shared background.

In Collaboration with the International Students and Scholars Office, The Global Scholars LLC fosters a community for international engagement and global connection and invites international and domestic students alike to explore their interests in intercultural issues and perspectives by engaging in learning opportunities to become global citizens.

*The Global Scholars LLC is for matriculated UCR students only, and is not related or affiliated with International Affairs Office International Scholars. International Scholars are visiting scholars and researchers at UCR. For more information on International Scholars – unrelated to The Global Scholars LLC – visit

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a Living- Learning Community?

    A Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a hall or community specifically reserved for students with a common academic interest (e.g. an Academic LLC dedicated to residents in the same major or college) and/or students who share a similar identities or lived experiences (e.g. an Experiential LLC where diverse experiences are celebrated and supported). Students that live in LLCs participate in specific activities that aim to benefit their personal, social, academic, and career goals.

  • Why should I live in an LLC?

    All LLCs provide an experience for students to develop skills that can support their broader success at the university. You should anticipate to be active in your LLC through different events and discussions offered throughout your time residing with us. They focus on the specific outcomes of each LLC, the intersecting themes and identities between them, as well as our overall residential experience.

    A few engagement opportunities you can look forward to:

    • Connecting with a community of peers that can benefit your network in college and beyond, through community meetings and discussions.
    • Participating in discussions with students, staff, and faculty on critical topics to the LLCs theme, such as: current events, career trends, and societal norms.
    • Reflecting on experiences on campus and learning skills to navigate transitions within college, by facilitating a direct connection to campus resources and opportunities.
    • Enjoy fun and engaging events planned with the community in mind, ranging from field trips, guest speakers, academic workshops, social functions and so much more.
    • Providing feedback on your experience in the LLC to assist in its development.
  • How do I live in an LLC?
    1. Space is limited in the LLCs and cannot be guaranteed. We recommend filling out your Housing Application as early as possible to secure your space.
    2. It is crucial during the Housing Application process you are attentive to your email and MyHousing Portal for notifications to quickly take action.
    3. Start off right by preferencing and ranking the Global Scholars LLC in your Housing Application on the Living- Learning Community page. After you’ve ranked the Global Scholars LLC preference, you will be prompted to answer a question for Global Scholars and any LLC you preferenced regarding your interest.
    4. Once you are notified to create your roommate group, your roommate(s) must have the Global Scholars LLC preferenced as well. Then when you are notified to finalize your bed selections, we advise the person with the earliest time slot be designated to select your beds.

Application Process

Interested in residing within a Living-Learning Community (LLC) next year and don’t know where to start? The process of expressing interest in, and ultimately residing within an LLC, is one that spans the entirety of the Housing selection process, from application to placement.


The programs were very fun and informative and I loved going to them.
- H. Vardhan Sharma, 2022-2023


The international field trip was a good way to get me outside campus for once - I’ve been wanting to explore Riverside beyond UCR for the longest but never seemed to get the time or motivation to go by myself (that is, until the field trip).
- A. Sehr, 2022-2023


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