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Suggestions for Student Success

By Jenna Nguo |

While the world is still responding to the coronavirus pandemic, it can be challenging to adjust to learning at home. However, being away from campus does not mean that the campus resources are not available to you. In fact, UCR faculty and staff are working extra hard to help you do your best. We have compiled some tips and resources to help you succeed during this period of remote learning.


Create a learning environment at home

Get dressed.  Change out of your home clothes into your “school” clothes to put yourself in the “school” mindset. If you wear makeup, you can put it on as if you were going to campus.

Create a work space.  Find a place in your home that is free of distractions (or with as few as possible).

Set boundaries.  If other people in your home are present, discuss your class times with them. Try to work together to establish ways to reduce distractions and organize home responsibilities.


Offices and resources

Academic support.  The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers tutoring, mentoring, and workshops to help undergraduate students do well in college and in life. Graduate students can reach out to the GradSuccess Center for resources and support for teaching, writing, and research. Your academic advisor in your department guides you with your academic course plan and progress towards graduation.

Career support.  The Career Center provides career counseling, resume reviews, workshops, graduate/professional school and career fairs, and more! The Graduate Division also offers many career planning and job market resources.

Mental and physical health support.  The WELL promotes physical and mental health through workshops and resources from their peer groups, most notably the R’Pantry, an emergency food resource dedicated to fighting food insecurity. The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) office provides free, confidential counseling sessions. The Student Recreation Center (SRC) holds many fitness and cooking classes to keep you healthy!

Financial support.  The Financial Aid Office has a Financial Wellness Program that provides educational workshops and counseling to help you manage your finances and budget.

General support.  Your professors are here for you, not just as teachers, but as human beings as well. They are doing their best to help you learn and succeed in their class, but they are also people you can reach out to when you need support. The same goes for TAs, who are teachers and students, so they understand how students and professors feel in stressful situations.

Not sure where to go? The Student Affairs Case Management office is a great place to start when you need help with any situation. They will help you find ways to resolve your problems and connect you with other resources. Another resource available online is AskUCR, a student resource HUB for all your UCR-related questions.


Visualize success in...

Time management.  GRAB control of your time: 1) set a Goal; 2) determine your Responsibilities; 3) Analyze where your time goes; and 4) Balance work, play, and studying. You can record your activity time with a worksheet from the ARC.

Study and life skills.  Attend the ARC’s R’Success Workshops to learn or strengthen your study skills and professional abilities, such as public speaking, teamwork and conflict resolution, and note-taking. Each workshop is offered several times during a quarter. The Graduate Division also holds professional development events and certificate programs to help graduate students build skills and learn about different career paths.

Your classes.  The ARC offers many services for additional learning through tutoring, supplemental instruction, and the writing support program. GradSuccess supports graduate students through various workshops and consultations in the Writing Center and Quantitative Methods Center.


Identify methods for relaxation

Use phone apps.  The WELL has a list of different phone apps for relaxation, meditation, and stress management, as well as others for overall well-being.

Unplug.  Take regular breaks from social media and the news. With the amount of things happening in the world, sometimes scrolling through your feed can create additional stress. Turn it off so that you can rest your mind.

Unwind.  Find an activity to do by yourself, with your family or friends to de-stress and have fun. There are many things you can do, such as cooking, reading, watching a movie, going for a walk outside, putting together a puzzle, and so much more.


Develop a schedule for...

Work.  Plan a schedule as if you were going to campus, such as taking breaks between classes, eating, and studying. You can record your schedule using apps and websites such as Google Calendar.

Meal prep.  Pick a day (ideally the weekend) to plan and prepare your meals for the week. This will save you time, as well as ensure that you are eating and drinking enough during the day. The SRC holds cooking demonstrations and posts videos that you can learn recipes from through their Cooking Well program, and Healthy Campus has a Whole Body Health Guide with nutrition and recipes.

Exercise.  You can still stay fit and “Rec It From Home” with the SRC’s fitness classes and videos. Check out their website as well as their YouTube channel for various workout activities.

Of course, that isn’t all of the resources we have at UCR. You can find more at AskUCR, and graduate students can go specifically to the Graduate Student Resource Center for more help. Inside UCR also wrote an article with tips for staying healthy while social distancing.

Through all the troubles of the coronavirus pandemic, we want to remind you that we are still here to support you. You have learned many skills to survive and succeed in challenging situations, and you will continue to build upon those skills as you grow more resilient for the future.

We want to hear from you. What have you learned so far? What has helped you? What tips do you have for incoming new students? Share your thoughts with us by commenting on the Student Success Series post at @ucr.iss and @ucrinternationalaffairs. Or you can reach out to us by email (internationalaffairs@ucr.edu) and we’ll collect the best tips to share with the entire international community.


Jenna Nguo is a junior at the University of California, Riverside. She is majoring in psychology and minoring in education. She is currently a Marketing and Communications Student Assistant at the International Affairs office, as well as a Co-Director of Events and Outreach at Psi Chi, the psychology honor society at UCR.

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