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Changes in Practice for J-1 Scholar Processing Fees

By ISS Staff |


9 September, 2021


The International Students and Scholars Office (ISS) proposes to change its practice of not allowing J-1 scholars to pay our processing fees for issuing a DS-2019. Currently, our practice is to permit only the PI/Department to pay these fees, when in reality there is no regulatory statute to prevent the scholar from paying these fees, if they wanted to.


ISS proposes that going forward, both the PI/Department and the J-1 scholars be permitted to pay the ISS processing fees for the issuance of DS-2019s. The purpose of this change is to provide greater flexibility to PIs/Departments and J-1 scholars with respect to payment of these fees.


This change will be effective 30 days from this notice on October 9, 2021.


Michael Schmelze

Director, International Students and Scholars


International Students and Scholars  |  International Affairs

University of California, Riverside

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