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Call for Nominations for International Affairs Recognition Awards

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Submit your nominations today to honor UCR's outstanding international community!

These awards recognize exceptional students, scholars, faculty, and staff who have had a significant impact on the international community at UCR. Their contributions help enrich the international experience at UCR and enhance UCR's global engagement. 


  • Nomination period: March 1 - March 25, 2022
  • Award categories: 
    • Faculty and Staff awards:
      • Outstanding Global Ambassador - UCR Faculty
      • Outstanding Global Ambassador - UCR Staff
      • International Scholar Research Award
    • Student awards:
      • Outstanding International Undergraduate Student
      • Outstanding International Graduate Student
      • Outstanding UCR University Extension Student Award
      • Global Citizen Award
  • Fill out the Nomination Form


The student awards are based on campus and community involvement, leadership skills, and/or academic success over the past year.

One winner will be selected for each award category. Selected finalists will receive a certificate. Brief biographies and photos of the winners and finalists will be published on our website and other communications channels. 

Award finalists and winners will be recognized at a special International Affairs Recognition Awards Ceremony in May. 



Award Categories -

Outstanding International Student Award

Outstanding International Student Award is to recognize exceptional students who have made great contributions to UCR and have also had a significant impact on the international community at UCR. Two awards are given out, which recognize one undergraduate and one graduate student. Traditionally, these students are degree-seeking international students, but the award is also open to domestic students who have been actively engaged in welcoming and supporting international students. Must be fully enrolled at UCR and in good academic standing. The awards are based on campus and community involvement, leadership skills, and/or academic success over the past year.

  • UCR International Undergraduate Student
  • UCR International Graduate Student


Outstanding Global Ambassador - UCR Faculty or Staff

International Affairs welcomes nominations for outstanding UCR faculty and staff who demonstrate a commitment to our global community through teaching, research, service, and international engagement. Whether supporting international students and scholars here on campus, by adding a global dimension to their teaching or research, or by encouraging students to participate in Education Abroad, UCR's Global Ambassadors are champions of international education. They are committed to community engagement and inspire others to develop a global mindset. Two awards will be given out to recognize one faculty member and one staff member.

  • Faculty member
  • Staff member


International Scholar Research Award

Visiting international scholars bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to UCR. Most visiting scholars are international faculty, staff, or post-doctoral researchers who join the UCR community for a short period of time (from 2 weeks to 5 years). The International Scholar Research Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of our visiting scholars to UCR's knowledge production through research, engagement, and community outreach. Uprooting your life for a few years and moving to a foreign country can be incredibly challenging. This award also acknowledges the network of visiting scholars who provide support, mentorship, and advice as a way to welcome new scholars. We are proud to welcome all our visiting scholars to the UCR community and grateful for the work conducted while they are here.

  • International Scholar


Outstanding UCR University Extension Student Award

The Outstanding UCR University Extension Student Award seeks to recognize those students who have made great contributions to and had a significant impact on UCR University Extension's community, be this in the classroom or outside of it. This award will be granted to a student who displays strong leadership skills, is significantly involved in the Extension community, and/or demonstrates exemplary academic success. Nominees must be in good academic standing. The awards are based on campus and community involvement, leadership skills, and/or academic success over the past year. One student shall be selected from those nominated to receive this award.

  • UCR University Extension Student


Global Citizen Award

The Global Citizen Award from Education Abroad recognizes undergraduate students who are dedicated to promoting international education, addressing global issues, and building an inclusive, welcoming community committed to global engagement, both on the UCR campus and in their travels around the world.

To be nominated, students must:
(1)  Demonstrate outstanding leadership skills and service to the community
(2)  Exhibit one or more Tartan Soul qualities: integrity, accountability, excellence, and respect
(3)  Be curious and open to learning more about the world
(4)  Engage with international or intercultural communities dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment at UCR including, but not limited to: active participation in Education Abroad, student organizations, clubs, ethnic & gender office programming, student affairs or student life programs, peer mentor programs, and student government and,
(5)  Be an undergraduate student currently enrolled during the AY 21-22 at UCR and in good academic standing.

  • Global Citizen – UCR Undergraduate Student


To submit your nomination, you must include a written statement that outlines the impact this person has had on UCR’s global community.

Be sure to include their notable accomplishments, the leadership or service they have provided to UCR’s international community, and/or the broader impact they have had on UCR ‘s global engagement.


Please complete the nomination form by MARCH 25 to ensure that your nomination is received.

If you have questions, email Jacqueline Hernandez, ISS Program Coordinator: jacqueline.hernandez@ucr.edu

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